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Memories | Bracknell Dancing

Family meeting recently with sister and mum regarding her ongoing and increasing medical problems, failing memory, etcetera. This was largely prompted by her tedious and repetitive calls to my sister, mostly for very little reason – the calls are wildly disruptive to her evenings. I don’t suffer so much, due to the long-established (dating back to my move away from home) habit of “I will call you mum”. We were trying to put over to mum that her calls are both disruptive and worrying for both of us and our families. I think mum only just grasped the problem – and after all there are greater things happening to her. I’m not sure if it will make any difference. As we “compared notes” it became apparent that these memory fugues are serious – she really doesn’t remember either the episodes or what she does and says in them. Worrying… At least we have confronted the problem and named it for her now; perhaps this lays the groundwork for dealing head-on at a later date.
In jollier news, we recently drove up to Bracknell to attend a Ballroom and Latin qualifier for Pip. The M25 is not my friend, but the drive was ok – and the results were satisfying, with Pip qualifiying for Blackpool in Ballroom (she already had in latin). It was also a good outing for my new digital camera, which is a pretty good bit of kit.
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