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Open | Cambridge | New Skinbat Songs

This year’s (the last mwa ha ha) Open Uni Course has started, and I am essaying in earnest. As this is the “home straight” of the degree, my incentive rug has been pulled out from under me, as the result for this year can’t have any impact on my grade (as long as I pass) due to the way courses are aggregated – I simply need to “turn up”. Makes it difficult to work hard. Ho hum.

Last weekend up to Cambridge for P’s last ballroom “qualifier” of the year – she’s just moved up to pre-bronze level, and was very nervous. Didn’t get any medals at all. Never mind, for Blackpool she’ll be competing in her previous level, and so she’s got ages to build up the pre-bronziness. Cambridge was full of guffawing hoorays as the students returned to college, and that was just the parents. Tish-boom.

Yesterday returned to the Granary to progress the next Skinbat recording. Two tracks which had been previously bass and drummed were sprinkled with some guitar, synth and vocal in more or less first takes. Some editing is required (especially of my parts), but the bones are there. Two tracks were emergent – “Dead Rabbit Universe” and “Jack Plug”. Great day with Guy Denning at the engineer controls.
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