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Illness, Whatnot, etc.

Much energised by P passing audition to attend the Laban/Place Brighton satellite project until next March. She had a fairly nerve-racking audition, with a lot of competition for the places. Massive confidence boost for her, right before Blackpool.

P and I have been ill (her more than me I must say) with a flu/headache/feverish combo which is now on the retreat; if not actual swine, then it was certainly swinish.

OU progressing well enough, first assignment is in and waiting for the mark. Always nerve-racking I find the first one, if only to gauge and sound out the tutor’s marking/comments and work out how to push the buttons in the correct order.

Lease is up on the car, so looking at the options, might stick with the Kangoo as price is manageable (although it’s gone up, it’s only by a little).

Music: Beatles remasters and Karen O’s Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack...

TV: much enjoying all the art deco stuff on BBC4, and Dollhouse. The Andrew Marr would be great if he stopped the stupid “Who Do You Do” imitations.

Film: meh. Synendoche pretty much stopped me in my tracks.
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