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Hunky Diary

It's Not Going To Stop ... Oh It Just Has

the coffee shaped monkey
16 March 1960
I am:
A member of the SKINBAT SCRAMBLE - MySpace here - Skinbat Scramble
I am the LIMITATIONS - MySpace here - Limitations
My own MySpace here - Falhawk
A baby boom remnant
A booklover
A film fan
A music fan
A father
A husband
A computer user
Sporadically creative
Often sarcastic
A paragliding instructor
An ex graphic designer
Often lazy
Useless at time management
Excellent at time keeping
A letcher
Too large
Trying hard
abby lockhart, absinthe, addams family, angela carter, art deco, bad horror movies, bran van 3000, brian eno, brighton, burlesque, charles dickens, claudia winkleman, coffee, cottingley fairies, david byrne, david lynch, disneyland paris, divine comedy, dodie smith, doombuggies, edward gorey, eliza carthy, er, fetish photography, frank zappa, geoff ryman, goldfrapp, gormenghast, gothic, green wing, grim grinning ghosts, harry hill, horror films, iain banks, idina menzel, imagineers, jackie leven, jg ballard, jill halfpenny, john cale, john irving, john waters, jonathan coe, jonathan meades, joni mitchell, kate winslet, king crimson, klaus kinski, la-di-da gunner graham, latex, laurie anderson, lemony snicket, lemurs, lily munster, lord of the rings, lost, luis buñuel, marx brothers, mary poppins, michael nyman, mike carter, monochrome set, morticia addams, moviegoing, munsters, museums, musical theatre, my daughter, my wife, nelly mckay, nerve, nick cave, nightmare before christmas, paragliding, patti smith, penguin cafe orchestra, peter pan, phantom manor, phil mills, photoshop, pirates, pirates of the carribean, pizza, politeness, prague, prefab sprout, roald dahl, robert fripp, robert wyatt, salvador dali, scarlet's well, sex, skinbat scramble, strictly come dancing, surrealism, the breeders, the divine comedy, the monochrome set, the pixies, the tiger lillies, tom phillips, tom waits, ts eliot, twin peaks, ute lemper, vampire films, vampires, venice, victorian era, wicked, xtc