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Film 2011 ! [03 Jan 2012|06:46am]
[ mood | awake ]

Films i watched in 2011, in order.
Not necessarily the first time I watched them… Repeat viewings marked as (2) but only refers to repeat viewings within 2011…

Happy new year.

1. Orphan
2. Alien: Resurrection
3. Meet Me In St. Louis
4. Singin' In The Rain
5. The Shootist
6. Rooster Cogburn
7. Iron Man
8. Jarhead
9. Alice In Wonderland (Tim Burton)
10. The Proposal
11. Fargo
12. El Cid
13. Shaun of the Dead
14. Jacques Brel is Alive And Well and Living In Paris
15. The Hurt Locker
16. Resident Evil: Afterlife
17. A Chorus Line
18. Holes
19. What Happens In Vegas
20. Avatar
21. High Society
22. The Lovely Bones
23. The Messengers
24. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
25. Case 39
26. Elizabeth: The Golden Age
27. Valentino
28. The Fall
29. Glorious 39
30. Toy Story
31. Shock Treatment
32. The Box
33. Shutter Island
34. An American In Paris
35. Predators
36. From Dusk To Dawn
37. Toy Story 2
38. Menage A Un
39. The Innocents
40. Porco Rosso
41. The Hole
42. Toy Story 3
43. Fiddler On The Roof
44. The Mask
45. Planet 51
46. Alien Vs. Predator
47. The Mist
48. Alien Vs. Predator 2: Requiem
49. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
50. Revolutionary Road
51. 3:10 To Yuma
52. Shrek 2
53. Choke
54. Back To The Future
55. Predator 2
56. Back To The Future Part 2
57. La Vallee (Obscured By Clouds)
58. The Addams Family
59. 25th Hour
60. Hercules
61. 17 Again
62. The Cowboys
63. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1
64. Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
65. Tamara Drewe
66. An American Werewolf In London
67. It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
68. Back To The Future Part 3
69. Pocahontas
70. Voyage of the Dawn Treader
71. If…
72. Burn After Reading
73. Carry On Matron
74. Star Trek
75. The Human Centipede
76. Salvage
77. The Ladykillers (Coen Bros)
78. Anastasia
79. One From The Heart
80. Inception
81. Young Frankenstein
82. Breakfast At Tiffany's
83. We Are What We Are
84. X Men Origins: Wolverine
85. Divine Trash
86. Mondo Trasho
87. The Company of Wolves
88. Insomnia
89. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
90. Gothic
91. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
92. Awaydays
93. Tangled
94. Sleuth (1972)
95. Phantom of the Opera
96. Miller's Crossing
97. Creation
98. Multiple Maniacs
99. Black Swan
100. Ponyo
101. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
102. Blazing Saddles
103. The Mystery of Charles Dickens
104. The Piano
105. Dogma
106. Powder Blue
107. Gnomeo & Juliet
108. True Grit (Coen Bros)
109. Law-Abiding Citizen
110. Ride, Rise, Roar
111. Clerks
112. Unforgiven
113. Mallrats
114. Desperatge Living
115. 21
116. Dogtooth
117. Annie (John Huston)
118. Jurassic Park
119. Annie (Disney)
120. The Tale of Desperaux
121. True Grit (2)
122. Witchfinder General
123. Mum and Dad
124. Midnight Movies
125. Rumba
126. Stay
127. Jurassic Park: The Lost World
128. Enduring Love
129. Sennentuntschi
130. A Town Called Panic
131. Interview With The Vampire
132. Jurassic Park III
133. A Hard Day's Night
134. Pecker
135. The Diane Linkletter Story
136. Final Destination
137. Capturing the Friedmans
138. Citizen Kane
139. Happy-Go-Lucky
140. Monte Carlo or Bust
141. Soldier Blue
142. Batman Returns
143. Napoleon Dynamite
144. Frozen
145. Rabbit Hole
146. Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
147. Monkey Business
148. Finding Neverland
149. Changeling
150. Transformers
151. Sunshine
152. Robin Hood (Disney)
153. Imitation of Life
154. Rango
155. Despicable Me
156. Brüno
157. Paul
158. The Ruins
159. Made In Dagenham
160. The Uninvited
161. The King's Speech
162. Australia
163. Cloverfield
164. Night at the Museum
165. Resident Evil
166. The Social Network
167. Naqoyqatsi
168. Resident Evil: Apocalypse
169. Sucker Punch
170. How To Lose Friends and Alienate People
171. Monsters
172. Die Hard
173. Die Hard 2: Die Harder
174. Die Hard 3: Die Hard With A Vengeance
175. American Gangster
176. Tideland
177. The Girl Who Played With Fire
178. Meek's Cutoff
179. Jonah Hex
180. The Time Traveller's Wife
181. The Hours
182. Night at the Museum 2
183. Die Hard 4.0
184. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest
185. Gosford Park
186. A Perfect Getaway
187. The Prestige
188. Kick Ass
189. The Green Hornet
190. Let Me In
191. United 93
192. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
193. Far From The Madding Crowd
194. The Girl Next Door
195. Blade Runner (Final Cut)
196. The Collector
197. The Painted Veil
198. Funny Games U.S.
199. Pina
200. Funny Games U.S. (2)
201. Broadway Danny Rose
202. Oliver!
203. The Elephant Man
204. The Assassination Bureau
205. The Piano Teacher
206. On The Town
207. The Music Lovers
208. My Fair Lady
209. Dead Snow
210. The Happiness of the Katakuris
211. Oliver Twist (Polanski)
212. Oh! What A Lovely War
213. The Proposition
214. Stewart Lee: 90s Comedian
215. It
216. Red
217. The Searchers
218. Paper Moon
219. The Man Who Wasn't There
220. Splice
221. Scott Walker: 30th Century Man
222. Splice (2)
223. Lisztomania
224. Long Pigs
225. Chicken Run
226. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
227. Pom Poko
228 .Magnolia
229. The Cement Garden
230. Kalifornia
231. Pan's Labyrinth
232. Shakespeare In Love
233. Anchors Aweigh
234. Romeo + Juliet
235. Autopsy
236. Phone Booth
237. The Haunting
238. House of Whipcord
239. Man of La Mancha
240. The Last Exorcism
241. Road To Perdition
242. The Savages
243. Nowhere Boy
244. The Tortured
245. Vacancy
246. Fiddler on the Roof (2)
247. Deadgirl
248. Hitler Moustache
249. I Saw The Devil
250. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2
251. Capote
252. Paul (20
253. Les 7 Jours Du Talion (7 Days)
254. 88 Minutes
255. Dancer in the Dark
256. Captain America
257. Martyrs
258. Horsemen
259. 127 Hours
260. Hot Fuzz
261. Apaloosa
262. Toy Story 3 (2)
263. King Kong
264. Rare Exports
265. A Christmas Story
266. Sherlock Holmes (2009)
267. Tangled (2)
268. The Fellowship of the Ring
269. Horton Hears A Who!
270. Guys and Dolls
271. Twelfth Night
272. Alice In Wonderland (Disney)
273. Source Code
274. Jungle Book 2
275. The Three Musketeers (1948)
276. Unknown
277. Gladiator
278. The Two Towers
279. The Savages (2)
280. Blood Creek
281. X Men: First Class


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Endings [17 May 2010|12:03pm]
[ mood | plainly ]

Still amid a terrible month of depressive moods (circulating darkly around our house) and depressive vampirism (mum's ongoing medicals) this has been a funny old time. Along with this is the usual raft of missed social engagements, and also a small sprinkling of pressure for P - upcoming school tests, peer group changes and a slight waver in her performance-confidence. Mum is in a respite home mostly in order to re-regimen her meds, she simply can't cope with taking them herself. Strange times.

I handed in my final essay for OU yesterday. Assuming I get more than 40% for it - ?! - I have finally got my degree at 2.2 and will graduate in April 2011 assuming I live that long. I feel sort of empty with no focussed reading to do any more. Dickens here I come... I wonder if I'll ever write another "essay" again? Pulling out the pin...

Skinbat Scramble have an upcoming gig at the Forum as part of the Syd Barrett trust; also recording to do for the next album; I have committed to this. Syd Barrett - could it be any more perfect?

Last night I dreamed that my next-door-but-one neighbour urinated on me from his window, in the dream I pretended to ignore it and haughtily went on with unloading groceries from my car.

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Crank after umpteenth phonecall from mother [12 Mar 2010|04:28pm]
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Repwtez [28 Feb 2010|11:45pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Into the Granary tomorrow to continue work on the soon-to-be nascent Skinbats album.
My mum’s medical problems overhang everything like a manky sword of Damocles. It’s harsh and dull. P is doing well in dancing, and at school. But everything is overhung…
Off to Vegas at Easter for a bit of desert therapy, which is a big sky-anchor, a big holiday; a big five-oh.

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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow [06 Feb 2010|02:27pm]
[ mood | chiming bells of doom in my head ]

It’s Pip’s birthday today : 12. Hard to imagine. Had a nice enough morning, with presents etc. which was fun.

Mum was rushed to hospital on Thursday night, she has some kind of food poisoning and urinary infection, and this has sparked a further vascular episode and ramped up her dementia further. Aggression, arguments, and on top of that she’s ill yet won’t stay in and rest. Impossible.

Hard to know what to do.
Hard to imagine.

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Drag [01 Feb 2010|03:43pm]
[ mood | Growling, prickly, vavoom! ]

Every day like the last one; every day like a re-run. Never a truer word spoken, Patti.
Trying to start work on something – displacement activity (cleaning etc) – distraction activity (mucking about on web/ playstation etc) – school runs – television – mum’s medical – overeating – self-loathing.
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Frozen Water prompting Drivel [09 Jan 2010|08:47am]
[ mood | Crude ]

So much cabin fever/low-grade boredom that I thought I ought to “do an update” to this blog. Hmm. So.

The New Year Nifty Night gig went well, Skinbat Scramble did a set amalgamating with the Sons of Quag, so a melange of a set ensued. All good stuff though, and in homage to the soon-to-be weather, I slipped in “Stopped By The Woods On A Snowy Evening”. I also played sampler in the Old Dolphin Brigade, and the Skinbats all joined them for sonic shenanigans.

Another notch closer to graduating, with the last-but-4 essay handed in. The energy for doing the last 4 will have to come from somewhere, I’m not sure quite where at the moment.

Mum; seems OK at the moment. though Xmas proved a bit trying at times. Memory (and its loss) is a funny thing - and hard to fathom. Mood swings, aggression, denial, apathy - all mixed in a souffle of “where did I put that” and repetitive requests - Do you want a cup of tea? - No thanks - Do you want a cup of tea? Harsh.

Xmas was (in spite of above) very pleasant, L was off through until New Year’s, P got ballroom shoes and competition dresses (among lots of other stuff) and none of us were ill.

New Year has been a bit of a damp squib for obvious (weather) reasons, P only went back for 2 days before school closed (it has remained closed since) and it’s still snowing at the moment. L was unable to get to work (no buses) for 2 days, so the Xmas hols have sort of vaguely extended tendrils out into 2010.

Which means lots of PS3, Lost and Pushing Daisies boxsets - and oh yes I almost forgot booking up a 2-week trip to the States for Easter. VEGAS!

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Blackpool | Medic! | Cloning [30 Nov 2009|02:36pm]
[ mood | Oh lovely thanks ]

Ridiculously busy week or two, a little in the way of business, a lot in the way of life’s rich tapestry of pooh. Mum’s medical condition is weakening, her memory is almost breathtakingly bad – like a 10 minute loop of drivel sometimes. Other times lucid and happy, then in a beat depressed and confused. Sis and I have been taking her to a Memory Clinic via NHS; I fear it’s not really helping her much, though it’s useful for us to see that there are others in the same boat. Not sure how this will all play out. We have our annual trust meeting on Weds evening, which will be ineresting…
Just had a call from credit card company – a fraudulent transaction on a card we hardly use. Looking back over a year or so of use, not really anyone “small” or “vague” – and virtually no internet use. Unsure how this can have happened; the cards are stopped and nothing has gone through. Hmmm. Worrying. I needed some more worry.
We (Skinbat Scramble) will be performing something in some shape on 30th December at the Forum. Started a poster for it today, RGAF, ODB, the elusive Brutai… year ending.
Last weekend to Blackpool for P’s national Ballroom and Latin Finals. Lovely ballroom, everything great, though she didn’t get through quite as well as we expected, which was a bit upsetting for us. The judging was all a bit weird, to be honest, with some very strange decisions and eliminations. Ho, and indeed, hum. Before we got to the ballroom, we had to suffer the earsplitting alarm going off in our hotel – at 3.30 and then again at 6.30 in the morning, whipping us from sleep and sending us down the fire stairs into the deserted bowels of the Victorian building and out into a rain-spattered windlashed seafront. Something of the Dunkirk spirit was present in the sleepy and half-dressed guests as we were told it was a false alarm. Things were not quite so jolly the second time around. However… in the zombie-like walk round town the following day, we did manage to hit our favourite Blackpool shop – WHO – for lots of sci-fi vinyl figure action, which proved expensive, but covered several Xmas present vacancies.
As usual, tempers flared over the correct preparation and presentation of P’s hair. I really must go on a hairdressing course soon, otherwise I’m taking some clippers and shaving it off before the next comp.
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Illness, Whatnot, etc. [06 Nov 2009|06:23am]
[ mood | post-hoc ]

Much energised by P passing audition to attend the Laban/Place Brighton satellite project until next March. She had a fairly nerve-racking audition, with a lot of competition for the places. Massive confidence boost for her, right before Blackpool.

P and I have been ill (her more than me I must say) with a flu/headache/feverish combo which is now on the retreat; if not actual swine, then it was certainly swinish.

OU progressing well enough, first assignment is in and waiting for the mark. Always nerve-racking I find the first one, if only to gauge and sound out the tutor’s marking/comments and work out how to push the buttons in the correct order.

Lease is up on the car, so looking at the options, might stick with the Kangoo as price is manageable (although it’s gone up, it’s only by a little).

Music: Beatles remasters and Karen O’s Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack...

TV: much enjoying all the art deco stuff on BBC4, and Dollhouse. The Andrew Marr would be great if he stopped the stupid “Who Do You Do” imitations.

Film: meh. Synendoche pretty much stopped me in my tracks.

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Long Lived Love [21 Oct 2009|08:24am]
[ mood | Very Slack ]

Having lots of fun with new Dawkins book; origami ftw. Very very quiet at work but I do have a couple of websites to tide me over, and plenty of “unpaid bits” to do…

I spent ages sorting out a backup regime for the computers, seems to be robust.

Our 24th wedding anniversary whizzed past yesterday. Long lived romance and love. And long live romance and love.
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Testing [13 Oct 2009|01:31pm]
[ mood | dirrrrrrty ]

Tedium again, as I fear the worst... but I just made some money for once. Back hurts. Tidying, OU reading. Planning to let a hot air lantern off on Halloween.

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Open | Cambridge | New Skinbat Songs [10 Oct 2009|08:44am]
[ mood | creative ]

This year’s (the last mwa ha ha) Open Uni Course has started, and I am essaying in earnest. As this is the “home straight” of the degree, my incentive rug has been pulled out from under me, as the result for this year can’t have any impact on my grade (as long as I pass) due to the way courses are aggregated – I simply need to “turn up”. Makes it difficult to work hard. Ho hum.

Last weekend up to Cambridge for P’s last ballroom “qualifier” of the year – she’s just moved up to pre-bronze level, and was very nervous. Didn’t get any medals at all. Never mind, for Blackpool she’ll be competing in her previous level, and so she’s got ages to build up the pre-bronziness. Cambridge was full of guffawing hoorays as the students returned to college, and that was just the parents. Tish-boom.

Yesterday returned to the Granary to progress the next Skinbat recording. Two tracks which had been previously bass and drummed were sprinkled with some guitar, synth and vocal in more or less first takes. Some editing is required (especially of my parts), but the bones are there. Two tracks were emergent – “Dead Rabbit Universe” and “Jack Plug”. Great day with Guy Denning at the engineer controls.

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Open Recession End [14 Sep 2009|07:55pm]
[ mood | Wishy-Washy ]

Lego Star Wars is fantastic – Nick Cave’s Bunny Munro – Pip coming in the final at Gosport – OU course starting.
Life seldom gets any better than this, does it?

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I Was Missing | OU Start [09 Sep 2009|06:31am]
[ mood | slightly better than before ]

Clouds are lifting from me; I missed a gig at the weekend, which wrenched, but I’d have been no good for it, if I ever am. I’m feeling way way better at the moment.
So, we’re all back to work/school (P is happily – so far – at Hove Park)… my work is still dangerously fragile. Mum’s health is up and down. I suppose the rest and relaxation from the Cornwall holiday are leeching away in the day to day trivia and aches.
My OU stuff has arrived for this year (the last year). Big box of books and paperwork – looks more daunting than I hope it is.
Sudden flurry of social engagements and obligations, such that we’re having to miss some invited events; Dance Comp this coming weekend for P,

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Holiday Remnants | Black Dogs [05 Sep 2009|12:28pm]
[ mood | quite nice ]

Stonehenge. Big Stones, made into a henge. Trago Mills. A looney shop outside Liskeard. Huge, jumbled warehouse selling overpriced and cheap goods, a stange selection of stuff, amongst which I found a cheap DVD copy of John Waters’ “Female Trouble” which I snapped up. Lanhydrock House – an amazing Jacobean house which was gutted by fire and then refurbished in late Victorian state of the art. Steampunk brass, polished wood and an aura of menace and sadness I put down to it’s similarity to the mood and architecture of gothic spookiness in novels movies and video games. Speaking of… We walked to Menabilly, the inspiration for Manderley in “Rebecca” – you can’t access (or even see) the actual house but you can walk down to the beach/cove with the cottage in it and look out at the bay where Rebecca died and the second Mrs DeWinter climbed about on rocks and stuff. As did we.
Now I am back home and struggling with a bout of headache/depression/anxiety and torpor that threatens to engulf my entire being. I’m sure it won’t, and family are being ultra supportive, but then again Mum’s got a psych evaluation on Monday that I have to accompany her to, which isn’t helping matters. Dealing with o This is the time, and this is the record of the time.
I will be missing the Skinbat performance at the forum tomorrow night, I feel awful for it, but look forward to more studio soon.
See you on the other side of this time.

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Holiday Over | Boiler Over [02 Sep 2009|07:15am]
Back from Cornwall holiday to unsettled weather. We had unsettled weather there, too… almost comically miserable though made tolerable by the breaks in it, and the excellent cabin we were staying in. Visited the Eden Project, which had lots of flowers and stuff.
And this http://www.paulcorinmusic.co.uk/ has got to be the strangest attraction I’ve ever been too.
Anyway, the drive back from Cornwall took too long. The boiler is not working, there is no hot water. I will be ripped off by a plumber soon, before I am properly clean again.
Gig Sunday.
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Tomorrow | Pollard [21 Aug 2009|03:28am]
Getting ready to get ready for trip to Cornwall, packing endless leads and chargers and camera bits. Excited, really, though, to get away.
Last night to the Theatre Royal to see "Annie", staged in the original complete version rather than the very strange and slightly repellent movie version. Particularly resonant the political/Hooverville bits with the ol' Credit Crunch. Fantastic, it was, with Su Pollard as Miss Hannigan.
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Inevitability [19 Aug 2009|07:11pm]
Mum’s memory/denial problems get worse, resulting in her failing to make doctor’s appointments, which (may or may not be) urgent. At least, she percieves it as urgent in one conversation/on one day – and then “goes for a walk/goes for a bus ride” Just keep swimming.
Curiously, this latest iteration comes just at the end (for me) of a bout of semi-serious depression. In the last three or so days, I have felt lightened and mildly energised, I’ve been really down and negative for around a month, hopefully it’s at an end. And this Mum business doesn’t hound me back into my pit.
New Nifty Eagu and the Glo-Pilots album, “Ezoteric” is out now, and is pretty good. Generously, there’s a picture of me on the sleeve thanks to my short stint as synth player at the penultimate Glo-Pilots gig. Gigs: A skinbat iteration will perform on 6th Sept at the Forum; the exact nature of the beast is somewhat in flux, but may include performance of some of the songs from the GP’s new one, and probably will feature a guest star from the Packabeats. Beat that.
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Town | Haircut | Bang! [14 Aug 2009|04:30pm]
Into town today with Pip. Nice little walk round, didn’t get much. Met L and handed Pip over for the afternoon, freeing me up for an afternoon of getting a haircut and playing Playstation until they get home after the cinema…
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Memories | Bracknell Dancing [12 Aug 2009|12:58pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Family meeting recently with sister and mum regarding her ongoing and increasing medical problems, failing memory, etcetera. This was largely prompted by her tedious and repetitive calls to my sister, mostly for very little reason – the calls are wildly disruptive to her evenings. I don’t suffer so much, due to the long-established (dating back to my move away from home) habit of “I will call you mum”. We were trying to put over to mum that her calls are both disruptive and worrying for both of us and our families. I think mum only just grasped the problem – and after all there are greater things happening to her. I’m not sure if it will make any difference. As we “compared notes” it became apparent that these memory fugues are serious – she really doesn’t remember either the episodes or what she does and says in them. Worrying… At least we have confronted the problem and named it for her now; perhaps this lays the groundwork for dealing head-on at a later date.
In jollier news, we recently drove up to Bracknell to attend a Ballroom and Latin qualifier for Pip. The M25 is not my friend, but the drive was ok – and the results were satisfying, with Pip qualifiying for Blackpool in Ballroom (she already had in latin). It was also a good outing for my new digital camera, which is a pretty good bit of kit.

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